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drink different.

ready-to-freeze THC-infused cubes 

melt. infused ice cubes

you make the drink, melt makes it better

Enhance whatever you're mixing, pouring, and drinking with cannabis-infused melt ice cubes. melt is made from a blend of the highest quality THC, natural fruit juices, natural preservatives, and distilled water...that's it. melt comes in three flavors - lemon, lime, and original - and is pre-packaged in an easy to use 10-cube ice tray. From there it's as easy as mix, melt, and chill.  

more about melt

cannabis-infused ice cubes

frozen or liquid

melt is sold in liquid form in a pre-packaged tray of 10 cubes. Just place a tray of melt in your freezer and wait for your cubes to freeze. Or if you can't wait, you can enjoy melt as a liquid drink enhancer instead.

cubed, crushed, blended, or poured

Enhance whatever you're mixing up and drinking down - seltzers, juices, iced teas, iced coffees, or mocktails - with a frozen or liquid melt cube. melt is great addition to parties, barbecues, trips to the beach, or just relaxing at home.

THC infused ice cube
perforated infused ice cube

precise THC-infusion

We know an even and consistent experience is important. Each individual melt cube is infused with 5mg of THC. The melt tray (50mg of THC) is perforated into 10 single-serve cubes for easy and accurate dosage.

gradual release 

melt at your pace. melt cubes gradually release THC as they melt so you can enjoy your favorite drink while feeling relaxed, comfortable, and ready for whatever comes next.

melt ice cube and coaster

the melt promise

We use only the highest quality ingredients and production methods to deliver a purer, more natural, and more social cannabis experience. 


"this is a game changer"

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melt frequently asked questions

  • Is melt sold frozen or as liquid?
    melt is sold as a liquid that is pre packaged in a 10-cube ice tray. Place your melt tray into a freezer to create your melt ice cubes. Allow 1-2 hours for melt liquid cubes to freeze.
  • Can I use melt in liquid form?
    Yes. melt can be added to your favorite drink as a liquid or as frozen ice cubes.
  • How many cubes should I use for my drink?
    Each melt cube is precisely dosed with 5mg of THC. The number of melt cubes per drink should be based on how much THC you want to consume.
  • How long does it take for a melt cube to melt?
    For frozen melt cubes, it depends on the temperature of the drink you’re drinking and how much regular ice you add to your drink. Frozen melt cubes typically melt slightly more gradually than a frozen water only ice cube.
  • How is the THC released into my drink?
    Because melt cubes are evenly infused, THC releases as your cube melts into your drink. This provides for a more gradual THC consumption and more even onset.
  • How would you describe the effect of melt?
    melt cubes produce an even and gradual onset for a relaxed, social, and happy experience. The effects of fully consumed liquid melt cubes should activate within about 15-30 minutes.
  • Where can I buy melt?
    melt is currently sold exclusively in Massachusetts through licensed dispensaries. You can find a melt retailer near you by using our location finder here:
  • How much is melt?
    MSRP for melt is $20 per tray of 10 melt cubes (50mg per tray). That’s $2 per 5mg melt cube.
  • What are the ingredients in melt?
    Emulsified (liquid) cannabis, distilled water, natural flavorings, and natural preservatives. That’s it.
  • Where is the cannabis in melt sourced from?
    melt starts with distillate from only the highest grade cannabis.
  • What do melt cubes taste like?
    Each flavor is subtle and designed to mix well with a variety of drinks. melt comes in three flavors – original, lemon, and lime.
  • How many calories are in each serving of melt?
    There is less than 1 calorie per cube (serving).
  • Is melt all natural?
    Yes. All ingredients are all natural and there are no artificial flavors or preservatives. melt is also sugar free, gluten free and vegan.
  • Are the cubes shelf stable?
    Yes, for 6 months.
  • Is the packaging child proof?
    Yes. melt is sold in child resistant outer packaging. Each melt cube is clearly labeled as a THC product and are fully compliant with all Massachusetts regulations.
  • Where is melt made?
    melt is made in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.
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